never ever modern

MADA  Monash University

Architecture 2018 

Tutors:  Luca Lana

 Never (Ever) Modern takes its name from 1991 book ‘we have never been modern’ by Bruno Latour.

The studio like Latour will explore hybrid models in an attempt to challenge architecture’s very own ‘modern Constitution’.

ICI House by Bates Smart Mccutcheon the first curtain wall skyscraper in Australia here plays the part of the quintessential

modernist tower. Thorough integration, and proposition studio Never ever Modern attempts to challenge the socio-political

economic or design reasoning from which ICI was built and present new hybrid models.


Alexander Lamarche
Anthony vitally    Tchourilov
Cameron    Foo
Danielle Angelina Pozzobon
Enzo Lara-hamilton
Jasmine    Choucair
Liam Francis Dame
Naila Salicin
Nancy meng-shi  Luo
Natalie Ruth Spivak
Neil Jason    France
Riley Thomas Kilkenny-Jones
Sylvania Shum ye    dong
Thierry Clifford    Pydiah
Yixuan Li
Zachary Ryan Quinn