suburban dreams

MADA Monash University

Melbourne Polytechnic

Architecture, 2016 

Tutors:  Luca Lana


Suburban Dreams had students research and design new dwellings for a familiar ‘middle suburban’. In particular, students will research international and local, as well as past

and present co-housing models, and will be challenged to combine elements from the characteristics of suburban housing with the intensified programming associated with international co-housing models.

Freestanding, single-family dwellings—oft-portrayed as un-environmental and poorly designed—

represent a majority of new homes built today. It is into this environment that students were asked to introduce new kinds of housing types that far better address contemporary issues of gender equality, affordability, sustainability an overall improved urban environment. Students did not disregard

in its entirety the legacy of the ‘Australian dream’ but evolved it.




Amalia Caterina Cantillon
Conrad Judge Cooper
Bianca Julia Dentesano
Rodan Aidin Fujiie
Christopher  Gan
Mitchell Lee Hatton
Joel Leon Imbert
Danielle Rae Jumeau
Todd Robert Lewis
Jordan Ty    Mcculley
James Alasdair Melani
Bianca Jade Slarke
Ke Su
Zichu Wang
Gimhani Thathsarani    Wanigatunga
Xinxia Yang
Jing Yi Zhang